Delivery of Supported Employment Services

What is Supported Employment?

It is an individualised and permanent support program for both young adults with disabilities looking for a job and for companies / institutions wanting to hire young adults with disabilities.

What does Supported Employment mean?

A specialist (in education, special education, psychology or other related fields) is assigned to every young adult with disabilities. The specialist and the young adult are going to work together during the program.

The first step is to identify the abilities, interests and goals of the assigned young adults (the vocational profiling).

Starting of with the information we gather, we look for the jobs which are most suited to their professional goals. (We use our database, work with our partners, accompany the young people to job fairs, etc.).

If necessary, our specialists help young people to develop and improve their working skills, attitudes, behaviours and functional capabilities to successfully achieve their employment goals.

After employing the young adults with disabilities, our specialists:

  • provide support within their workplace (supervise the young adults’ progress, help them learn new work tasks, and understand the organisational culture of the company);
  • keep a permanent relationship with the employer, in order to identify the problems which appear during the integration process and to solve them;
  • work with the team members of whom the beneficiaries are part, in order to help them communicate effectively and constructively with them.

Up to the end of the LEAD project, we are going to provide, free of charge, supported employment services for 165 young adults with disabilities (60 in Romania, 45 in Portugal and 60 in Lithuania).

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