Setting up of Self Help Groups

Self-help groups for family members of Young Adults with a Disability

These groups are designed to develop the knowledge and skills of family members of young adults with disabilities regarding their role in providing career guidance and support in employment process of their children.

Training sessions will be provided to the volunteer parents of young adults with disabilities and will give them information on how their involvement can make a positive impact on a youth’s work readiness, career exploration, and workplace success. It will rise awareness and knowledge about effective practices for empowerment and services to support equal participation. Families of young adults with disabilities will be able to learn about the expectations of employers, use everyday activities in the home to build their children work skills, and understand that they are partners in helping young adults with disabilities prepare for obtain and maintain employment.

The trained parents will be able to build a nucleus of family members of young adults with disabilities and will disseminate the information received in the training sessions to other persons in similar situations by organising self-help groups sessions. That will rise participation, supporting and stimulating family role in young adults with disabilities employment process. Each beneficiary partner will facilitate the formation of the group but each of self help group will be controlled by its member.

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