Organisation of exchange of experience meetings

Meetings between Employers & Young Adults with a disability

At these meetings, facilitated by experienced specialists, young adults with disabilities, aged 15 to 29, who are looking for a job, have the opportunity to enter into an open and unprejudiced dialogue with potential employers.

On this occasion, they discuss issues such as: the main obstacles to employment of young adults with disabilities, successful strategies for their hiring, measures which would facilitate the integration of young adults with disabilities into the labour market, both from the perspective of employers and young people.

Starting from the idea that young people with disabilities have to discover their abilities and interests, to carry out activities which they like, do not have to seek jobs just based on the labour market offer; through the LEAD project we organise visits for young adults with disabilities at companies from different activity domains. The young adults who participate in this sessions have the chance to find out information about the manufacturing process and tasks which employees have at different workstations. Also, the visits are an excellent opportunity for these young adults to get involved directly in different tasks, with the support of the employees present in the facilities.

Following these events, some of the young adults get employed.

Up to the end of the LEAD project, 27 experience exchanges are going to take place in Romania, Lithuania and Portugal.

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